Willow’s World: Playscapes & Jungle Gym

I placed one end of the tabletop playscape into Willow’s cage in hopes that she would actually try to come out to the table.

I’d tried to get her to step up and let me take her to the Jungle Gym but she wouldn’t have any of it. Willow did give me, and the perch, a few looks before going ahead to chew away at the perch end. She did somehow manage to fall off and had to find her way back up. Did I mention agility is not her strength? The good news was that she did go back to chipping away at that perch end.

Her landing is rather comfy as there is memory foam padding under the newspapers. She still does not climb up to the top perches, I have to convince her to step up on a perch and carry her up. She will come down when she is ready though. Her feet look really good so I double that arthritis has much to do with her lack of agility.

Anyway. I still have hopes of building her an aviary outside that window for the spring. Maybe a scaled-down version of the last image? The cats may be seriously jealous!

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