NYC Women’s March January 21, 2017

Just 4 years ago on this day. We went to NYC to march for so many reasons. For human rights, for women’s rights, for the environment, for the planet, for safety from gun violence, for peace. Black Lives Matter. Police Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.

There were no riots, no broken windows, no arrests, no anger, no violence. We were many people and races. Estimates in NYC were 400,000. Washington D.C. 500,000.

We did not go away these past 4 years, we have been here not just stressing over all the injustices facing people, our environment, our climate, and our wildlife but working toward making things right. It has surely been a tough road. But here we are. A huge win yesterday and in 2018.

Just 4 years ago today we marched not just in NYC or Washington D.C. but in so many places around the world. The world watched and it is still watching.

Thank You to all who have fought this fight as each and every person matters. Stay vigilant and keep up the good work as there remains much to do. I was lucky enough to score a pink hat and a Kitty Mit!

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