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Name Sophie Zyla
About Me Photography is my passion; Conservation fuels my heart; writing is my voice. Photography has been a part of my life since back in the early 1980s. Through the years and transition from film to digital there have been numerous classes, workshops, and certificates. It is my camera and lens that allow my eyes to see the world and my mind to add meaning to what I see. I have pieces of paper that state I am an environmental educator and conservation biologist. I know I do not want to live behind the doors of the Ivory Tower where often arrogance lvies and fancy words are spoken between like-minded scientists who rarely speak in a language understood by the general public. I fear for the future of our planet and the glaringly ugly present in which we live. I feel a pressing need to be the butterfly fluttering about causing microcosms of currents of chaos and dropping seeds of understanding away from the tower doorstep. I want to live, play, and work at the intersection of art and photography and science. My images portray the scenes and subjects that caught my eye or were the result of a new path, project, travel, or study I have undertaken. My hope is that taking a look at the world through my eyes will inspire you to look closer at your surroundings and the magical life-forms we share our environment with.
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